How To Write a Resume Applying for Job Overseas

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Resume for job overseas

Applying for a job in your country can be a little different from applying for a job overseas.

You probably know what it takes to curate a resume in your own country in order to land a job, but when applying for a job overseas you need to draft a resume that is tailored to the requirements of that country.

Resume format differs from one country to the other. For instance, in many Asia and Middle East countries, information such as your nationality, date of birth, and marital status must be reflected on your resume, while in countries like the United States, Canada, and the UK, it is not mandatory for you to mention your marital status and date of birth.

Mentioning this information in your resume is prohibited by legislation.

The same often goes for photos. Employers in these countries are only interested in assessing your competence if a job is assigned to you.

In view of the above, in this article, we have put together how to write a resume when applying for a job overseas so keep reading till the end to fully understand what it takes to curate an international resume and possibly land your dream job.

Show your professional personality

When applying for a job overseas, you need to show your professional personality. Employers will only see you the way you want them to. To show your professional personality, here are some strategies to consider in your resume:

Career Objective: A career objective is an important statement which clearly shows what you want to do and how you would achieve it. It is also an opportunity to sell yourself to a potential employer. Every other content in your resume should support this objective.

Personal and Professional Traits: This section helps employers to determine who you are and what your skill sets are. Ensure that you back up each trait with concrete examples so as to convince the employer.

Skills Summary: The skills summary section is the most potent tool to leverage in order to attract an employer. Here, you can explain to employers who you are. Write this part with a professional tone.

Education: If you are a fresh graduate from the University with a few work histories, write this section as if it were a job. Try as much as possible to list three or four bullet points under your degree. You may also write having friends with international students status and working in a multicultural environment.

Professional Work Experience: This is another chance to sell yourself to a prospective employer overseas. Highlight your main work experience, which is related to the job you are applying for.

Job Descriptions: Ensure you include relevant skills when describing your job responsibilities. Always mention one line item to show why you were successful at each job description. This will tell the employer who you are and how best you fit for the job role.

Other Sections: These sections are for you to show your personality. For example, you can include awards you received and why you were considered for the awards. You can also include your volunteer experience and state what your accomplishments were.

Group International Experience Together: If you have any international experience, you can group them together. It would increase your chances before the employer. Ensure to list education or courses attended abroad, language ability, international travel, and cross-culture adaptability, among others.

Length of Resume: In today’s international job market, modern resumes are not longer than 3 pages. All the contents in your resume should be properly formatted so that potential employers would be able to read through at a glance.

Sell your cross-cultural skills

It is important to sell your cross-culture skill. You want to work in a new environment and you want your employer to believe you can easily adapt. Therefore, show the employer that you’re aware of what it takes to work in an international environment. Below are a few examples to achieve this:

Skills Summary: Under this section, you should mention that you enjoy cross-culture workplace; attract and adapt to a multi-cultural environment, both at work and socially.

Job Descriptions: Express a positive attitude towards new environments. Mention that you have the ability to relate with people from different backgrounds and personalities. Plus, you’re curious, tolerant, and committed to meeting deadlines.

Education: Mention that you can complete projects within a multi-ethnic work environment.

Language: Here, mention that you are a fast learner. Plus, each time you travel to another country, you learn a new language.

Travel: Mention that you can easily adapt at building new relationships when you travel to other countries.

Regardless of the type of jobs you seek abroad; your resume should be tailored to meet the requirements of the country you wish to work in.

Your job application will be successful if you can take time to curate a resume highlighting the above points. Also, remember to write each section with your job objective at the back of your mind.

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