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Looking for Job in Canada

As someone who is looking for a job in Canada, you have to understand just how putting up a good CV is and how it can land you an interview.

Your CV (otherwise known as resume) comprises of your work history, skills, abilities and other information a potential employers needs to know about you. In fact, it is more like your work biography.

The information you put in your CV and how you put it can either land you that job or otherwise.

Since your ultimate reason for sending your CV to an employer is to be considered for a job position, you need to outline certain skills  in your CV in order for it to land you an interview.

Therefore, in this article, we’ll be talking you through two classes of skills you should include in your resume. Mind you, they must be skills that you possess.

1).Technical Skills

As the word “technical” implies, these set of skills are necessary if you must tell the employer that you are capable of carrying out the job.

As regards to the position you’re applying for, figure out the related or required skills you have which should convince the employer that you have all it takes to execute the job from day to day.

Such skills include but are not limited to;

  • Computing
  • Documentation
  • Data Analysis
  • Analytical Skills, etc.

NOTE: Only include skills that you have.

2). Human Relation or Socialization Skills

In as much as your technical skills play an important role in convincing the employer that you’re the right person for the job, your socialization skills is equally as important.

Why is this extremely important? For a company or an organization to grow effectively, there has to be a healthy and conducive working environment for the workers to excel.

Employers want to be sure that they are employing someone who will socialize properly with his colleagues and also a good team player.

Examples of such skills are;

  • Communication
  • Ability to Resolve Conflicts
  • Stress Management, etc.

The above information is not just for those searching for jobs in Canada, it’s for everyone.

I am sure that if you follow through with the above tips, you should be landing your first job interview soon. Good luck!

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