5 side jobs that can boost your monthly income

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Jobs that can boost your monthly income

No matter the figures, no one truly wants to rely solely on their monthly pay. Many employers are becoming interested in engaging themselves with side gigs that can generate some few extra money at the end of the month.

While most people pursue side hustles for extra pay, others feel the urge to satisfy their passion for different jobs that their regular 9 – 5 jobs wouldn’t let them.

In most cases, side hustles are fun, entertaining and easy to do. They mostly do not demand one to brainstorm.

In this article, we’ll list 7 side hustles that can boost your monthly income while you enjoy yourself doing them.

1). Freelance Writer
Do you love writing? You can earn some extra cash just by writing from the comfort of your home after work, or during weekends. There are lots of freelance sites where companies or individuals can hire you to write for them. In most cases, freelance writers are paid per number of words they write.

  • Required Skill/Experience: You must be fluent in English (or the language you’re required to write in) and fast. Showcasing a few of your previous jobs can also help you land gigs ahead of others.
  • Average Pay: $20 – $30 per 500 words.

2). Blogging
The truth is, Bloggers, these days, earn a lot of money though this depends largely on the niche. Do you like traveling? Does your 9-5 job allow you to travel? You can be updating your blog only when you’re free at home or during your trips. There are several niches you can blog about depending on your interest or information you’re able to dish it. For instance, Tech, Health, Animals, Fashion, Foods and Relationships. As a blogger, companies or individuals can pay you to put up their ads on your blog, you can also monetize via affiliate marketing and Google AdSense.

  • Required Skill/Experience: Anyone can blog but must be sure to focus on a niche where they can best dish out accurate, helpful and rich information.
  • Average Pay: Blogging has no fixed pay as the monetization methods differ however, earning up to $1,000 – $2,000 per month is realistic.

3). Auto Advertising
So, you own a car and would like to earn from it? Very simple. You could be hired to promote certain products, goods or services. The ad will be wrapped around your vehicle and you’ll be given target areas to drive by.

  • Required Skill/Experience: Driving and a valid driving license.
  • Average Pay: Pay varies depending on who hires you and what you’re advertising but auto advertisers usually earn up to $200 a month.

4). Logo Designer
Did you undergo a graphics design training and can create beautiful logos? Well, you can boost your monthly income by designing logos away from work.

  • Required Skill/Experience: Graphics design
  • Average Pay: The size of the contract and and business determines your pay.

5). Business Name Creator
Some people get confused when it comes to choosing the perfect business name for the business, company or organisation. For this reason, they hire business name creators to do the creative thinking.

  • Required Skill/Experience: Anyone can become a business name creator. There are sites dedicated to name-generating contests, just register and participate.
  • Average Pay: You can earn as much as $100 – $500 if your suggested name is chosen.
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