7 high-paying menial jobs you can get in Dubai

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High Paying Menial Jobs you can get in Dubai

Dubai is widely known for its ability to attract tourists from all over the world. From world celebrities to top government figures, Dubai has become a favorite destination for relaxation.

In recent years, the attention generated by tourism has caused a significant rise in the number of job vacancies in Dubai . As a result of this, many job seekers fancy the idea of working in Dubai.

Whether you’re a citizen or immigrant, no matter your qualifications and skills set, there’s always a job for everyone in Dubai. However, just like in every other country, some jobs require a high level of education or certain professional certifications before you can land them.

For this reason, most people who haven’t attained certain required certificates or skills are forced to settle with menial jobs.

In this article, we’ll be listing 10 menial good paying jobs that you can easily get in Dubai until you’re able to land your desired ideal jobs.

1). Carpenter (Furniture Maker)
Whether you’re setting up a new office or moving to a new apartment, we just can’t do without wooden furniture. The comfort and design they bring means carpentry cannot be overemphasized. Carpenters in Dubai also make good money.

  • Average monthly pay: AED5,500 – AED10,000 ($1,500 – $2,730)

2). Hotel Laundry Attendant
In Dubai, laundry attendants (Hotel Linen Room Attendant) also earn a decent wage. This job mostly requires washing the bedspreads.

  • Average monthly pay: AED6,000 – AED7,000 ($1,650 – $1,910)

3). Taxi Driver
As a taxi driver in Dubai, you’ll be paid decently. All you need is a valid driver’s licence. This job requires you to be friendly.

  • Average monthly pay: AED5,000 – AED10,000 ($1,360 – $2,730)

4). Barber
This is not a popular job for those who dream of making a lot of money but let me burst your bubble, barbing pays a lot and can earn you a decent pay in Dubai

  • Average monthly pay: AED4,000 – AED6,000 ($1,100 – $1,650)

        5). Store Keeper
        A store keeper’s primary job is to receive and forward goods and deliveries. Should have a good eye for details and document properly.

        • Average monthly pay: AED3,000 – AED5,000 ($850 – $1,360)

        6). Hair Stylist (Hair Dresser)
        Being a hair stylist in Dubai can also earn you a good pay monthly as long as you’re good at the job.

        • Average monthly pay: AED3,000 – AED5,000 ($850 – $1,360)

        7). Cashier (Teller)
        Being a cashier doesn’t require a lot of skills. All you have to do is receive and document money from customers but good communication skills is essential.

        • Average monthly pay: AED2,500 – AED5,000 ($750 – $1,360)
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