3 easy ways to legally migrate to Canada

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Easy ways to migrate to Canada

Canada has rapidly become one of the world’s best countries when it comes to quality of life.

Several factors like stable economy, good security and high employment opportunities has made Canada highly attractive to skilled foreigners.

However, the process of getting a permanent resident status in Canada is competitive as many immigrants from various countries worldwide are partaking in Canada’s immigration programs.

Are you looking to easily migrate to Canada? Continue to read below as we’ll walk you through 3 easy steps that can help you legally migrate there.

1). Secure A Job (Work Permit)

One of the easiest ways of legally migrating to Canada is by securing a job in a Canadian company. Securing a j

Another easy way of migrating to Canada is by securing a job in a Canadian company using a work permit. When this happens, your Canadian employer can assist you in the process of your relocation to Canada which includes a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LIMA). After living and working in Canada for a certain period of time, you may become eligible to apply for Canada’s permanent residency.

2). Education (Study Permit)

Canada boasts some of the world’s best universities. Many people travel there to get quality education. As a student in Canada, you will be given a study permit which will allow you to work while studying. At the end of your studies, getting a permanent job can also help you attain Canada’s Permanent Residency (PR).

3). Visitor or Tourist Visa

Another easy way you can legally migrate to Canada is via the Visitor (also known as Tourist) visa. How this works is by networking with people in Canada. You can even ask close friends or relatives who are living in Canada to recommend you to companies. However, please not that a Visitor visa doesn’t permit you to work in Canada. As a matter of fact, you shouldn’t even inform the immigration officer at the border about your intention to hunt for jobs in Canada. After all, you’re just there to visit, tour and enjoy your stay.

If you’re lucky to get a job offer while in Canada, you must return to your country in order to apply for a work permit which will then allow you to live and work in Canada.

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